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The Elections Committee is Pleased to Present the Winners of the NYSSPA 2018-19 Election:

President-Elect:  Mark Zender

VP / HOD Chief Delegate:  Brian Glick

Secretary:  Brittni Silvestri

District C Director:  Jonathan Baker

District D Director:  Donna Hall-Anderson 

District E Director:  Jessica Estanislau 

Student Directors:  Lauren Buchwald (NYIT)

                               Chrissy Boaglio (Stony Brook)

Alternate Student Director: Michael Fusco (Hofstra)

AAPA House of Delegates

  1. Mark Zender
  2. Maureen Regan
  3. Brittni Silvestri
  4. Susan Cappelmann
  5. Daniel Forsberg
  6. Jenny Jackson
  7. Jennifer Kelly
  8. Christopher Anderson
  9. John Davidson
  10. Marylou Hernandez

HOD Alternates:

  1.  Danielle Varney
  2. Jonathan Baker
  3. Shinu Kuriakose
  4. Nicole Cox
  5. Heather Isola
  6. Melissa Rodriguez
  7. Christopher Mueller
  8. Andrea Lowe
  9. Donna Hall-Anderson


Congratulations to all the candidates and thank you for your willingness to serve NYSSPA!


Voting for the 2018-2019 NYSSPA Election is now closed!

You may view each Candidates Member Profile & Platform Statement by selecting their name. 

To Vote in the 2018-19 NYSSPA Election please select the following link: NYSSPA Voting
Please note that you must be logged in to vote and may only vote on the member category & district ballot to which you are entitled as delineated by the email notice that you received.  Any ballot or vote cast in violation of your membership category will be deemed invalid.  Unless otherwise noted you will only be able to vote for one candidate per office and write in votes are permitted provided you do not exceed the maximum number of votes permitted per office.  If you have trouble viewing the candidate profiles via the links below please either adjust your browser security settings to allow links/popups or utilize the NYSSPA Member Directory.
Please download the NYSSPA Voting Guidelines


Candidates for Vice President/HOD Chief Delegate
Brian Glick, PA-C, MS

Candidates For Secretary
Brittni Silvestri, PA-C
Candidates for District C Director
Jonathan Baker, PA-C

Candidates for District D Director
Mary Donna Anderson, PA-C

Candidates for District E Director
Jessica Estanislau, PA-C
Frank Rizzuto, PA-C


Join the NYSSPA Board of Directors!


Mark your calendars now for the following IMPORTANT Election Dates:


1.)        March 19, 2018 — Deadline for declaration of candidacy

2.)        March 29, 2018—Deadline for receipt of platform statements

3.)        April 9, 2018 – Online ballots open

4.)        May 4, 2018 – Online ballots close

5.)        May 8, 2018—Election results announced


You may nominate yourself or a colleague by writing to the NYSSPA Office via email (read receipt recommended) and cc the elections committee chair: Josh Blair at

or postal mail your declaration to:

PO Box 606
Oceanville, NJ 08231


Your declaration should be a simple statement such as:

“I wish to declare my candidacy for the office of _______”.

Please include your name, address, email, phone, and membership number. Candidates will then be sent forms to complete to create a platform statement and summary of qualifications.

Qualifications for NYSSPA Office


The following positions are available for the

2018-2019 Elections Cycle:


President-Elect (3-year commitment: president-elect, president, immediate past-president)


Vice President / Chief Delegate to the AAPA

(1-year commitment)


Secretary (4-year commitment: secretary, president-elect, president, immediate past-president)


District C, D, and E Directors (2-year commitment)

-       Please see Map of District borders on NYSSPA website for your district location.


2 Student Directors and 1 Alternate

(1-year commitment)


Approximately 11* House of Delegate Positions

(1-year commitment)

*The exact number of positions will be determined by AAPA apportionment.


Please note: for the 2018-2019 elections cycle ONLY, there will be a one-time President-Elect position, in addition to the Secretary position (which includes a four year succession from Secretary to President-Elect to President and then to Immediate Past-President). This is due to recent bylaw and policy changes adopted by the Board of Directors. Once the 2019-2020 application cycle begins, there will be no need for a President-Elect position, as the Secretary will advance to President-Elect in accordance to the succession of that position.

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